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Goro Japanese Restaurant
3831 Alton Pkwy
Irvine, CA

Goro is a small "hole-in-the-wall" family-run restaurant that one would never find if they were passing through.  But it's one of the best Japanese restaurants I have been to, aside from my mom's (Japanese) own home-cooking.

In fact, most the patrons there are Japanese, who know good Japanese food when they eat it.  The menu is in both English (although broken English!) and Japanese.  You will often hear the waitresses taking orders in Japanese from the other patrons.

The restaurant is decorated in high-tech, with abstract art hanging on the walls, and jazz music playing in the background.

The sushi is very fresh.  The tuna is soft (not chewy) and melts in your mouth.   The teriyaki chicken comes in generous helpings.  There are several varieties of Udon (thick ramen-like noodles) to choose from.  Order a Sapporo or Kirin beer, while waiting for your food.

Unlike other "Americanized" Japanese restaurants, where food is often cooked and served by people who are not even Japanese, Goro is an authentic Japanese restaurant, that's makes you feel like you're in Tokyo.

By: Steve Paul Johnson - Lake Forest - Sept 1998

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