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Red, White & Greens : The Italian Way With Vegetables
by Faith Willinger
For those who immediately associate Italian cooking with meatballs and red sauce, Faith Willinger has a treat. She has composed a cookbook of everyday, family Italian recipes that rely on vegetables and tradition. Each chapter features a specific vegetable, offering recipes and entertaining explanations on the traditional purpose of specific dishes. Try Carmignano fennel seed-spiced dried figs or Torquato's Rice and Cabbage Soup--her concoctions are creative yet simple to make.
Click to Order 365 Easy Italian Recipes
by Rick Marzullo O'Connell
A year's worth of the best in Italian cooking--in the convenient ring-bound format of the bestselling 365 Ways series. The finest of Italian food--from hearty southern Italian to the new, popular, lighter recipes of northern Italy.
Click to Order Angeli Caffe Pizza Pasta and Panini : Heavenly Recipes from the City of Angels' Most Beloved Caffe
by Evan Kleiman, Michael Hodgson (Photographer), Ann Field (Illustrator), Clive Percy (Illustrator), Kathleen Huckett (Editor)
The chef and owner of Los Angeles's Angeli Caffe restaurant offers two hundred quick and easy recipes for fresh, simple, delicious pizzas, focaccia, tarts, breads, snacks, and pastas.
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Trattoria : The Best of Casual Italian Cooking (Casual Cuisines of the World)
by Mary Beth Clark, Peter Johnson Bring the authentic flavors of Italy to your table with Trattoria, as Italian cooking expert Mary Beth Clark shares the secrets of over 50 casual classics of the trattoria table. Featured are some of Italy's favorite home-style dishes, such as Spinach Gnocchi in Gorgonzola Cream Sauce and an irrestitble Tiramisu. Each recipe is accompanied by clear, concise instructions and a full-page, full-color photo. 54 recipes.
click to order Patricia Wells' Trattoria : Healthy, Simple, Robust Fare Inspired by the Small Family Restaurants of Italy
by Patricia Wells
Trattorias are the places where Italians go for robust, hearty foods that are simply prepared and bursting with flavor. Now the award-winning author of Bistro Cooking fuels America's passion for Italian food with 150 authentic recipes that capture the flavor and brio of the small towns and villages of Italy.
click to order Cucina Simpatica : Robust Trattoria Cooking
by Johanne Killeen, George Germon (Contributor) The chefs from Al Forno (the authors' popular restaurant in Providence, Rhode Island) present 150 recipes in a clear, step-by-step format for the home cook.
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Travel Guide

Northern Italy : A Taste of Trattoria
by Christina Baglivi
Whether you're short on cash, or simply want to avoid "tourist traps" and search for the true Italian table, this book is for you. Trattorie, small, family-run eateries specializing in regional fare, is the best way to experience Italy's wonderful food and her warm, friendly citizens. From the hole-in-the-wall seaside gem in Rimini, to the palatial trattoria in Pienza, A Taste of Trattoria has a place for every palate. Also included are descriptions of regional specialties and detailed maps.

click to order Trattoria Cooking
by Biba Caggiano Italian-born Biba Caggiano gathers more than 200 authentic trattoria recipes. Coinciding with a new appreciation of the simple, home-style cooking that typifies these family-style restaurants, this wonderful collection includes pasta dishes, all manner of fish and shellfish, meats, soups, antipasto, salads, and desserts. Each recipe includes cooking tips and wine recommendations.
cover Naples at Table : Cooking in Campania
by Arthur R. Schwartz
Anyone interested in Italian food will find the more than 250 recipes and the almost overwhelming wealth of information in Naples at Table fascinating. There is history, going back to the ancient Greeks, and stories as only Schwartz can recount them. One of the best is how Zuppa Inglese may have gotten its name. Discover Woodman-Style Baked Pasta with Meat Sauce and Mushrooms; lusty Baccalà "Arrecanato," a casserole of salt cod and potatoes; an authentic Zuppa Inglese; and so much more as you travel around Campania with Schwartz, meeting chefs and home cooks from Naples and Salerno, Benevento up in the mountains, out along the Amalfi coast, and the jewel-like islands of Ischia and Capri. --Dana Jacobi
cover Food and Memories of Abruzzo : Italy's Pastoral Land
by Anna Teresa Callen
Callen, a native of Abruzzo, presents the authentic recipes of this region of Northern Italy, which, unlike Tuscany and Sicily, has never been explored before in a cookbook. The cuisine of Abruzzo reflects the environment--wholesome and flavorful food of the farmers, famous lamb from the mountainside herdsmen, and fresh fish from the sea. 50 photos & line drawings.
cover Marcella Cucina
by Marcella Hazan, Alison Harris (Photographer) A definitive new cookbook by Marcella Hazan, one of today's most influential and important Italian cookbook authors, Marcella Cucina features a splendid collection of authentic recipes for delicious dishes that range from classic antipasti to elegant desserts. Full-color photos.
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